Storage Tank Construction

Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, and Construction of storage tanks


Whether the result of natural deterioration, accidental damage, or other factors, our team of experts conduct detailed inspections and assessments of existing oil and gas facilities, tank farms, and associating piping networks and equipment to design customized rehabilitation solutions for maximizing the value of your assets and ensuring that any solution will be delivered efficiently and cost-effectively restoring to like-new conditions and.  We accomplish this by utilizing proven programs combined with the development of new and innovative products and services, in strict adherence with international standards and regulations, resulting in total solutions for our clients.  Our rehabilitation services include:

• Tank inspection programs with detailed reports
• Planning of engineering
• Evaluation for short and long-term management
• Interior cleaning and rehabilitation
• Tank repair
• Ongoing tank management
• Repair work to optimize tank operations
• All future interior and exterior coatings
• Artwork design and application of logos
• Emergency services for immediate on-call responses
• Solutions for structural issues
• Roll and dish plates for roofs, shells and bowls
• Tank accessories
• Roof replacements


TMC & M has been safely and successfully relocating above-ground storage tanks (AST) throughout its history. With international operations, our engineering procedures have continued to evolve using the latest technology, while focusing on cost and safety concerns. Tank relocation is a valuable tool for tank farm owners and operators, allowing cost-effective and time-saving solutions to make use of unused land or to consolidate assets.

Our relocation services include full design and execution of detailed procedures, in addition to supporting the client in coordinating with the concerned parties to ensure the safe and efficient completion of any relocation task.  Prior to relocation, we perform a series of extensive engineering calculations on the related tank(s) or facility, taking into account not only the engineering factors such as stress, but also field conditions such as wind and other natural factors.


TMC & M recognizes that tank decommissioning can be hazardous and requires intricate planning and coordination to ensure safe and timely execution of such projects.  Our field experience and adherence to detailed procedures help minimize the risks involved and have led to the successful completion of tank decommissioning projects in the region, up to a capacity of over 1,000 m3, with zero incidents.  In some cases, the material removed within the decommissioning process has been rehabilitated and recycled through advanced treatment procedures, for use in other projects, thus offering our clients significant cost savings while reducing the environmental impact in the process.

Through our dedicated team of professionals, we also provide services to temporarily decommission or permanently abandon storage tanks and associated facilities safely, without the actual removal of the tanks and facilities in question.